Advantages of using  “Indoor-Star”

Indoor-Star lights produce 180 lumen/watt. It ensures, with the same amount of energy consumption, a greater amount of light, superior to any HID, LEC, CFL lamp on the market.

This revolutionary technology does not generate heat, consequently it does not require any cooling system beside the aluminum heatsink.

This feature allows to keep a smaller distance between the light and the plant without risking of burnings. It makes easier for the grower to control the temperature inside the growing space, since it is not affected by the lamp. 

The lack of cooling fans on the lamp modules provides a better hygiene and the prevention of pests inside the lamp itself.

Each piece of the lamp is designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions and the building materials are made of the best quality. The glass can withstand a thermal shock of 80°C, the lamp works perfectly with a +80% humidity level in a temperature range between -30°C + 60°C. The transformers are hermetically sealed, and they do not fear water splashed.

These features allow the user to not run into risks of short-circuiting and damaging the lamps during the operations of water spraying and overhead irrigation or in presence of a highly humid environment.

Beside the light quantity it is possible to also control the light quality (PAR), which is set by the manufacturer for each kind of cultivation. The LEDs of the lamp produce Royal blue, Green, Red and Far Red.

The Royal blue can generate also UVC.

Each LED is set, after deep studies, to generate the best light spectrum (PAR) for different cultivations. The result is an increase of plant production and a faster development, it increases the resin production as well. The Indoor-Star lamp can be installed using a different range of solutions (hanging, with a pole, etc) to ensure the best uniformity of the light. On demand, specifical sensors can be placed right under the direct light to maintain the requested light spectrum. The sensors prevent the problem of the uneven decay of the single LEDs, which would worsen the quality of Red and Far Red especially.

The lamp module can be used from 10% to 100% of power, it is possible to set a specific calibration of μmol/mq s-1 to obtain a right light intensity all along the different phases of the growth, from the germination to the flowering.

In the specific case of hemp, the lamp allows to accelerate the growing and flowering time, allowing (in a continuous cycle) one more harvest every year and a copious production of resin.

The warranty offered is 5 years long and in case of lamp defect the product is replaced immediately.

Growth test

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